most entrepreneurs in the choice of entrepreneurial projects will be popular, more competitive resources are also very large. There are entrepreneurs inventive, act in a diametrically opposite way, choose popular entrepreneurial projects, through hard work and persistence, find business opportunities in the cold in the heat.

Tang ice, 30 years old, graduated from Eastern Liaoning University, started the business in 2013, Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County Yong Ling Zhen Feng He Crafts Factory manager.

7 21 July to 8, Xinbin Manchu Autonomous County Yong Ling Zhen Feng He Crafts Factory Manager Tang Bing came to the workshop and more than 10 workers worked together, inserted wire, glue, paint…… Each process, are meticulous. The workshop on the hob, neatly stacked with a row of red Christmas foam crafts products. Tang Bing told reporters: "now continue to order products in short supply, we have to work overtime rush deadlines."

2004, Bing Tang graduated from Eastern Liaoning University and majored in oral process, after graduation in Xinbin second hospital for more than a year after the dentist, through institution examination, obtain the Xinbin County Safety Supervision Bureau, 7 years of work. 2013, the initiation of entrepreneurial ideas so that Tang Bing resolutely quit his job, but he did not rush to start, and the first choice to go down to Yiwu to study the south. Tang Bing said: entrepreneurship can not just stare at the popular industry, some of the unpopular small industry, due to fewer competitors, entrepreneurial opportunities greater success." In Yiwu, Tang found ice handicrafts in the industry hidden but beautiful spot. Christmas bubble red fruits are commonly used in Europe and the United States family decorations, but each Christmas red fruit profits of only a few dollars, because of thin, less relevant production enterprises, a large market space. In 2013, Tang Bing in the office of the Yongling town handicraft processing factory. Tang Bing said: Christmas red crafts market demand is very large, the company was founded in the first year, the annual profit reached 200 thousand yuan. Now, orders simply can not come, conservative estimates this year, profits can reach 300 thousand yuan."

"business is not easy, but as long as willing to endure hardship, can persist, no difficulty will bow in front of you." Tang Bing at the beginning of the business is not smooth. The traditional red Christmas crafts mainly depend on manual, time-consuming, while the market has no specialized production equipment. In order to improve the efficiency of production, Tang Bing and a few friends to learn mechanical processing, with a year’s time, the design and manufacture of the ball machine, wire machine, bean machine and other equipment, to achieve full automation of production. Tang Bing introduction, the traditional handmade Christmas red, a worker can be completed on a working day of 7000 or so, and the machine can be achieved by the end of the 600 thousand, the production efficiency increased nearly 100 times, the cost will be reduced. Good quality, low prices, products favored by customers across the country, Tang Bing’s entrepreneurial path is also getting wider and wider.

"now the government encourages innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples, from the tax, license, loans and other aspects have the relevant preferential policies, with government support, our entrepreneurs more emboldened." Looking to the future, Tang Bing very confident will recommend

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