fast food industry competition, a lot of congee shop facing tremendous pressure of competition, and this Hongzhuangyuan congee shop has achieved amazing success, occupy a leading position in the fast food chain industry, behind the story is worthy of studying.

– Business

1993, a business unit in Beijing, accounting for the sudden resignation of Hu Shujuan, because she felt she was doing part-time accounting earn more money. After resignation, she told the news to parents, so that parents are helpless. In that Hu Shujuan went to driving school to learn to drive after the resignation, his father was a little relieved to say: "well, learn to drive a good future, no work can also go to the taxi driver."

"from buying food, accounting management, all is I a person." Hu Shujuan of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications hotel all staff give discounts, also invited the teacher tray for staff training in front of the store, the advertising benefits brought to booming business shop, every month can earn more than 20 thousand yuan.

however earn money Hu Shujuan was too busy to buy beautiful clothes, "the shop is full of yourself for a while, leaving the store is not assured, so more than a year later, I decided to sell the shop." Hu Shujuan said, the first pot of gold she earned 3389 yuan.

– gongcheng

was forced out of the landlord’s shop

however, with hundreds of thousands of cash Hu Shujuan but can not adapt to the working day, she finally decided to open a large restaurant please take care of, this is the predecessor of hongzhuangyuan.

"at that time for the business sector to the restaurant I take 5 alternative names, I love the word ‘Champion’, took the top floor, zhuangyuanhong…… The last one is the champion." Hu Shujuan said, go to the business and there are four people and finally set the name, hongzhuangyuan.

Hongzhuangyuan initial operating Roasted Duck, Shandong, mutton slices cooked in hot pot, finally located in Sichuan, set up shop shortly after her to have a child, he recommended in confinement

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