began to focus on HDWIK, a search from Baidu, and I tried to enter the word "WEB2.0" in Baidu’s search box, and got links to N multiple pages. In fact, my purpose is to more deeply understand the meaning of WEB2.0 and application of knowledge in the related article on WEB2.0 page, I see the word wiki, brighten. Then search for WIKI, interactive HDWIKI appear on the computer screen. At that moment, I have been struggling to find a new platform for web operators, and I found a carrier.

some people say that in today’s Chinese Internet, if you want to build a website, it’s as easy as painting an egg. This sentence has profound meaning, look at the dazzling Internet, large and small BBS and SNS sites abound, grassroots Adsense often because of interest or fun, painted in the Internet one after another eggs. But these eggs are always to be appreciated, or Da Vinci’s teacher will not ask him to paint the egg again and again.

of course, being happy in this network is where we can find the free open-source program we want. The key is to put their own site positioning, to really operate and manage. I had the dream to get HDWIKI and Discuz! UChome and the integration of a can collaborate between literary website, was also put to the fact, in "" domain name made a literary website, but after a period of trial operation, with the ability to feel oneself personal integration of these procedures, and make an exquisite literary website is simply tell some fantastic tales. So at that time gave up, simply should have done a writer encyclopedia, with the main collection of grassroots literature characters, continue to operate.

The best

and I do, but I "with compiling a dictionary", because most of my energy on another site on my "casual net", when I put my name of the station named "off", is because I have a website for the core operations section the column with the code dictionary, where my users can easily write new words, write your invention, write you see new things, write your unique mood. On the site of the title bar, you can see the words: "with the series of the most open in the history of the Internet wiki platform!" this is not bragging nature of publicity, a word because you can write what you want in there! As long as it does not violate the laws of the country. But I also have to admit that our website, however open, needs to be "meaningful, valuable". We can’t have a lot of ad or boring language to the net friend,


so, what I want to talk about is, about using HDWIKI to build a website, we must first have the sense of responsibility, can not build a station, fun, hang up there, not updated for many days. Next, must have your website the localization, must have the creativity, must have the unique content. I have always disapproved of being a traditional domain

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