on the Internet regardless of a website, will put the user experience in a very important position, whether this website is to provide services or provide products, a good website, cannot do without a good user experience. So, the user’s access habits can not be the same, how can we take care of most of the visitor habits? This article is to say, simple – is never outdated good user experience.

how to understand this simple, it does not mean that the content of the web page offers as little as possible, it is a very small number of pages, the content is very simple, on the contrary, simple does not mean less, but that can help users easily find rich and valuable content, let visitors after the visit you the website, can in a very short period of time, after a few clicks, the final page will be able to reach the visitors want.

here, have to say the layout of the web page, the most important thing is the layout of the home page.

first and foremost, an accurate and clear title title and deion description is very important.

the vast majority of users are using search engines to find their target site, then in the search engine rankings list, in addition to the search engine ranking factors, the user can access a web site, a very important point is that the title title and deion description of these two tags the text should be in simple language highly summarizes the theme of the site, and use the words to attract eyeball, as far as possible to express the information website.

a simple and obvious navigation doesn’t let users get lost,

when a visitor enters the home page, he usually looks at the headlines, slides of the first screen, and navigation of the site when he doesn’t scroll down the mouse wheel. This is the first impression, and a clear navigation can give visitors a general idea of the content and structure of the site so that they can find what they want. So try to make navigation visible on the first screen. If you can’t find the navigation user, you won’t find the direction. Now there are many websites that will put navigation in the two places of the page, top and bottom. In order to let the user through the least operation to find their favorite content, but also increased the display of the column.

The layout of

pages should be simple and clear,

regular layout, usually two kinds, one vertical version, and two is a horizontal version. The layout of the vertical version, the user only need to look at this column, scroll down the navigation bar can be, the eye does not have to move and find too much. There will be no feeling of exhaustion. Horizontal version of the arrangement, it will not allow users to feel troublesome, the horizontal is a row, down and a row, very regular. Users don’t need to think and judge too much.

should try to minimize the intricate layout of the layout, such as the first horizontal version, and then the following

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