for a long time not written in Admin5 above zoned, huh, ha ha, and today began to itch, or want to say here casually, and friends in the station chat,


about Chinese garbage station, generally all is to choose CN domain. But now the network rumors that Baidu does not receive the CN domain name. Real Nanbian ah, for the news. So I also do a few CN station used to test results, google2-3 day included, baidu is from many times. Not released. Really friends said, the domain name CN yuan, there are too many people have joined a yuan station plan. With the rapid growth of garbage sites in CN domains, Baidu had to take steps.

but will Baidu really kill all the new CN domains? The answer is no.

Baidu’s response to the growth of CN garbage stations, there are measures, but not as everyone said, "Baidu does not include all new CN domain names", but for the new CN site has about half a month observation period. Generally, the original data less than a certain percentage (specific data is unknown) of the site will be eliminated directly, qualified web site will be compiled in half a month after the database. If the new note CN domain name, from the beginning to do garbage station, may not really be Baidu included, this is why so many people think that Baidu many CN domain name reasons. Or be sure to do your own original web site.

my present idea is: first take CN domain name to do the original website, until the time is ripe, then slowly mining some data.

is not well written, but it should be easy to read. Welcome paizhuan.

by the way, the enterprise website has a better choice of registering domain names:

if you do enterprise station, I suggest you choose COM domain name, and also related to keywords, such as do mobile phone motor, choose to use, of course, can register to see your luck,


, this is the way I choose to use domain names,


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