University began to do web site, and at that time did not consider the site user base feelings, and see what new functions, what new plug-ins are installed, and then put it in name only. Remember very clearly what is the "thing such a personal space, to see other people have, he also follow mess up, if you don’t want to go to the opening, ah, not to engage in as can be imagined, users, website traffic is Baidu, but also to keep people, in addition to the final harvest little advertising, not what things can be taken away.

recently, Baidu has made a lot of people cry, including me. He is a man of Baidu, will also pick up some beautiful income arms at a station, the ugly into the harem, unless the beauty she was playing, only think of it, the original temple and some ugly can do. In my eyes, those who do not leave the station is SHIT station, I do not deny that had done something like this, now the day could not before, the static under heart to look at others why do station can be in full swing, I can’t really be playing bad


I love the 56, because I used up especially cool, go to the registration and then open a podcast space, feeling a little bit newbier, even feel that things than to promote their website promotion and meaning, no way, people love is renowned. QQ space is OK, too. I usually write my mood on it. It’s very convenient. It melts with QQ in one body. It’s very warm. There is a station recently out of home space, this is known as the China portal agency owners live set net (, the "family room" launched a little Gaotou ah, there are family history, genealogy, and books, like a real family, I found the home is more attractive to me. Every day, the site is ADMIN5 and IM286, to see what other webmasters are doing, but it keep me so many stations, other sites I don’t want to go deeper. I’m thinking about a question. What can I hold on to,


program – not a problem ah, in addition to a few chiefs of the station, the rest are almost the same ah.

content – except for the video and technical articles that make me climax, it doesn’t have any special features.

, what, what, what, what, what?………..

now I think, now to come up with a creative must have creative technology to just go, otherwise it is useless. Ask a group of expert, is said to do fine point industry station, we all know this, I went to do was to follow the trend of the ah, I personally love entertaining a website of my own interest and efforts should be able to do. Do standing, such as life, not good to others, people will run sooner or later. Do stand, such as making love, you engage in too monotonous, time is too short, then the people will certainly run away. So I’m working on how to use it

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