almost all of the traditional companies are beginning to "net", and in a very long time, this is a trend; the reason is very simple, will enhance the market share in the future for a long period of time inside commercial activities on the Internet, because the Internet for businesses to bring a broader market and lower the operation cost. So many years ago, some Internet elite predicted that twenty-first Century is the Internet era, e-commerce will be the main business.

said above the enterprise not only represents the financial strength of large enterprises, more refers to small and medium-sized enterprises, although they are not a single enterprise, the total together is very large, it is somewhat similar to the long tail effect. Many members of these small enterprises have their own products and has independent production process and technology, and their quality is very good, but their turnover is not too high, so this is one of the important reasons that they are eager to expand online business. Their traditional business is our old customers, if not the chain of enterprises and their business scope is only a small circle, big may involve a range of small province, may be a town, even for the self-employed customers is just a village or a street; use the traditional mode of their ability to do only this small area, they had no time nor the ability to do what they occupy beyond the scope of business.

, but now it’s different. Many small and medium-sized companies now know how to do online business. Now a self-employed person can even start a nationwide business. These were incredible things more than 10 years ago. If anyone could say that ten years ago, people would think he was crazy. But in fact, many self-employed or micro enterprises are doing business all over the country, and their customers are also spread all over China. Even more, they have expanded their business to overseas markets. The contents of this section of the front may let a person look full of excitement., seemed to see a bright road; but the fact is not so simple, if really so simple that everyone will be involved, that all the people in this world are rich, the poor do not exist. In fact, many companies do online business is not so smooth, and even can be said to be difficult.

many companies do business offline in the local small circle, whether they are products or services, so that customers are particularly satisfied, that is, their products and services are very good. But once online, like an instant drop, no one cares; the reason is that the new users in the field do not know them at all, nor dare to take risks themselves". To this, how to allow users to early adopters of


below the author to a small industry as an example to illustrate the photo book can be said to be a very small industry, but the competition is still relatively large, national service providers, each place has the localization service providers. If an enterprise wants to expand its business to many places, the difficulties are really great. Many companies simply don’t know how to get users

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