title is a little jingle taste, I want to express is to insist on doing their own mode of the website, then the likelihood of success relative to more than blindly! This is my experience a few years to do a course, I here and share with you. (the name of the website that appears in the following articles is now closed, so this is not a soft text)

‘s first site, the new site entertainment network, was the age of SP’s money making frenzy, the era of fees, texting, ringtones, and fake monthly texting. At that time, big and small SP sprang up like mushrooms. I have lost patience, started into the black mass, so after several sleepless nights, my first website set up (the basic part of the core code is to find people online to write), I do not like the other sites by the fraudulent SMS subscription money, I do is an auction site, the auction the new computer or digital stuff, don’t think this is like other auction auction, the auction price of me is from high to low in the auction, the auction by mobile phone SMS auction price, I collect fees from sms. But to my surprise, the line on the website and I do not think so hot, but few people tread, website I will no longer go to run it in less than two months, I say we are not afraid of a joke, when I do this website do not understand website promotion, in the line on the website I made 600 yuan mail listserv, and sending objects are not selected. I also did not do relatively good BBS promotion, and did not write the soft text. I’m just looking for people to link up, the situation can be imagined – very few people would like to link with me. So the site naturally disappeared.

is the first site after the experience – in fact that website at that time can earn a lot of money, I just found a tool to make money, but did not find the way to use this tool, also not have to adhere to find how to use it.

second website – "love seed net" do this website, I have no need to ask people to write code, in addition to the website LOGO please my cousin (she is advertising, graphic design production), everything else I do (this is due to the night I nearly three months reading, when I got to work during the day has been yawning, director of a private talk with me), but I was still not a good grasp of website promotion

skills. This site is my money and one of my colleagues each half, we began to rent a standalone server, monthly. The station than the last thought clear a lot, but there are two people in the concept of what is not in place, you will find, after two months of development, the website officially launched, the line on the website, we did a little market research, is asked their friends and family, the the answer is yes. After the formal on-line, we found that the site of the model problems, the implementation of the site is charging mode, that is, on our website

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