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readers have asked a question, the effect that the user portrait feel stupid force, so today you have a chat.

The word "

" in the portrait of the user, the domestic Internet rate is probably wrong.

there are two English words, the first one is called "PERSONA", which is a through investigation and questionnaire of the typical user model proposed by Allen Cooper, a method for mining and interactive design product demand.

, where:

P represents the basic (Primary): refers to the user whether the role of real user scenarios based on interviews; E represents the empathy (Empathy): refers to the user roles include name, photo and related product description, whether the user role lead empathy; R represents the authenticity (Realistic): refers to those every day dealing with customer people, whether the user role looks like real characters; S represents a unique (Singular): each user is unique to each other, there is little similarity; O represents the target (Objectives): if the user role contains high-level objectives and related products, is included in the key to describe the target; N represents the number of (Number): whether the number of user roles small enough for the design team, each user can remember the name of the character, as well as a major user of which angle color; A application Applicable: design teams can use user roles as a practical tool for design decisions.

, another word called Profile, is a data analysis method that uses the data already acquired to outline user requirements and user preferences.

these two words can be translated as "user portrait", but the first is used for product research and interactive design, and the second is for operations and data analysis.

so you have to make sure which one you’re using first. Considering the user structure of bright brother, I’ll say second.

how to get user portrait

is the basis for getting a portrait of a user.

, this is nonsense, but for some start-up companies, this is the truth.

if we were to analyze a person today, what angles would we analyze? Let’s recall what we’ve filled in all the years we’ve filled out our forms:




account location

currently lives in

contact information

above, these seem to be the standard to fill in, but will encounter:

blood group


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