Hi, everybody. I’m back. Nice to meet you again. I’ll be here every day,

webmaster need to know the website, three defenses, everyone will ask a question. What’s the defense? What’s good?


listen to me and let you know,.

one guard: spam placard

how to prevent it. Many forums are very upset about it. Now most of them are using DZ, PW and so on.


because I’m using DZ for the forum, so let’s start with DZ.

there are a lot of forums ready to wait 23 weeks, included a lot of people, feeling the atmosphere is good, but advertising posts spam is more and more.


people haven’t arrived yet. How many ads have been posted?! spam is also a pile of stuff…


I first say the new station. The new station can be invited to register!! can let visitors see any posts but registered must contact the webmaster can register if you do not need to open it. This is one way to.


or find a few friends to accompany you up get a few moderators. Like. Encountered spam ultra edition immediately deleted. Also remember this letter IP free again.

if it is a very large number of forums, I suggest that webmaster can set up the forum registration, 1 hours are not allowed to post. In that case,.

I don’t think a spam advertising for people to wait an hour. It registered a number on the flash in kind. I think we all understand it..

two prevention: to prevent the article was reprinted

why prevent was reproduced.? a lot of friends hard to write the article was a lot of people bite to turn away. But they have deft looked at what time do you send someone immediately to the time difference not a case… Baidu is unable to identify perhaps collects his take for you is pirated.

How does

avoid this?

can add some of your links to the content of the article. Address. In addition, with the map of the article, you can write the picture on your website corn (domain name. My cultural background)

or post set into a copy out garbled in effect is very good. I think a lot of people are going to reprint articles garbled. It is very troublesome to one by one.


three prevention: prevent spam link

some new sites to find some PR3-, 4 included tens of thousands of stations do connection. People don’t do.

then I think this new station must be very angry. Why don’t you do it for me? Where am I standing?

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