August 5th, China automobile Alibaba’s car and Ali jointly announced in Shanghai, the two sides signed the Internet car strategic cooperation agreement, the focus is on a custom car franchise and parallel import car sales joint. Rumors have long, Ali Internet car strategy seems to have opened a corner of the veil.


, but this is actually not a new thing on the car O2O, some cars, electricity providers, small partners even go farther. What’s interesting is that one of the start-up teams called "buying a good car" has all started with ali.

losing 90 thousand of the big cut event selling feelings

May 18th "buy a good car" direct sales department mobile phone received an order information, a user without any prior telephone communication, directly ordered a grand cherokee.

is such a looks very simple, very heroic, or a problem. Due to the parallel import vehicle 3C certification and inspection delays on the time, promised to a user’s car lift time has arrived, buy a good car, had bought a same type of medium gauge car to pay the car. "You know, this car is a car Grand Cherokee, Taichung for expensive more than 90000 yuan." In the era of Ali flower "fat Hu Fei", was a co-founder of, now bought the car as the founder and CEO of the two pioneering Li Yanzhu in the media mentioned the matter, but also can feel he is not short of money, it is inevitable that some heartache.

bought the car when the whole course of the incident posted on the Internet, taking advantage of the marketing idea is not surprising, after all, to the user like a point to spend 90 thousand, a portion of the total to let the money into advertising costs. At least, this event allows potential consumers to see the sincerity of a good car on the customer experience. Fat Hu Fei also talks about another experience: a customer in Guizhou, Kaili, needs to pick up the car, but there is no cooperative car lift. As promised to send the car to the door, Fei Fei had to send an employee in the past, at the junction with the customer appointment car. And this place, there are six hours’ drive from Guiyang, coupled with labor costs, and did not earn a penny.

experience is important, but this is not a breakthrough, because consumers do not get the real benefits, and will not come here to sell cars. After all, it’s not as simple as buying clothes on Taobao.

in fact, what interests me most is the marginal innovation of good buy – parallel import car sales. Different from the old club is still playing on the Internet car Taobao that a business shop sleight of hand, bought the car choice ones are self-employed, of course, the risk is greater, but reduced the prices of channels can also cheaper.

small crack to crack the Internet to sell car dilemma

Internet sale car, destined to break through from small incision.


, there were also many O2O car selling platforms that tried from childhood

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