so far, I haven’t got a successful website, not a successful webmaster. Maybe later, maybe later. But every time I was more than happy to try the update, irrigation, look at the success of others envy website.

can say, each website stationmaster of China is effort, and be quite effort. When we have a chat, irrigation, think about or see a good idea, we will not eat or drink, even the toilet have very little to go on, day and night in front of the computer to do a website, so I believe we strive to experience every webmaster have. Can you say you haven’t? Can you say you don’t work hard,


can say, each of our webmaster hands have a lot of domain names, a few, dozens of, I see a webmaster hand even hundreds of domain names. Some do stand, some put, and so do stations, some collectors waiting to be bought. Every time we register a domain name, we are all very excited. It is the accumulation of our minds. Indeed, it’s not easy to think of a good domain name. You can think of it when you’re sitting all day, and it needs inspiration, too. Do you believe that,


we each stationmaster can say, did a lot of websites, rubbish station did, industry station did, portal station also did. When we do every station, we are passionate, looking for programs, modifying, collecting data, and even human flesh updates. We all want our website to have big traffic, big income, big success. But for the most part, and most of the site is quite busy we are, we are faced with not much traffic, search engine is not included, even K off, so far, we have no less called search engine XX unfair. After a release, we still continue to invest in the website, we will continue to register domain names, think of a good site model, and then continue to update, maintenance, and so on. This year after year, day in and day out live, in the end, we were called the IT elite, white-collar workers, the harvest is Yaosuanbeiteng, physical decline, economic income is just enough to pay the cost of our space domain. Of course, these words are too absolute, from the network to dig big gold nuggets are also many, but not much. Our pay and reward are not proportional.

a mouthful of food, and a station to do it one by one. I’ve done many websites before and done many at the same time. I believe that the webmaster before, and now, is also true, a person to maintain a lot of Web site, every morning up, open the site, look at statistics, and then update, so every day. We would like to have great development in every website, because it is our energy and thought. But the truth is not so simple, our energy is limited, now the network not so well done, like now, is not good, a lot of peer competition, have you read a two site, we need to do to break it. We must eat at one mouth, one at a time, one for the other, and not many at the same time. Of course, you have enough energy to try and do two at the same time. But >

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