last night at the veterans group SNS all, see interesting things, tried, that can be applied to B2C, incentive user registration; supplementary personal data; review; single sun and active communication etc..

first in the home a conspicuous place on a mission field release, set the task according to different status of the user, as each task complexity of different reward points, points can change the ceremony; for coupons; upgrade the membership level even as the account balance of payment (with B2C as its integral system.).


then you can set up the task: a new visitor registration account sent 5 points; after the registration of personal information to complete the sending of 10 points; first published product reviews send 15 points; the first time in the community sun single send 30 points; invite 5 friends to send a registered 50 points for the first time; the success of the transaction order 100 evacuation integral…… and tell the user is now involved and has been involved in the task of how many people are involved in (we do the task together, ha ha ha) and preserve the historical task has been involved in the user, look quite a sense of achievement:



in the user registration process seems complicated into small tasks, and reward, both entertaining and interactive; have a sense of achievement, and mobilize the enthusiasm of users to contribute content; try to buy and word-of-mouth, do believe that good words can let users enjoy participating. It can also be associated with my recommendation " (, boardid=14& topicid=6720) for association applications.

PS: I believe that there must be a user registration N ID to cheat points, how to control, see B2C own rules and precautions.

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