did not know before people remember I wrote an article called "content determines the value decision of income" article, but later on I have several friends in the establishment and promotion of the site there is a mention of English songs put forward some doubt, 1:00 is hectic, take this time with me today with the website said English music website how to do, I hope to give everyone a little help


, the reason I want to do such a station, always feel some plagiarism hao123 creative, I mainly to their songs easily, those songs usually often listened to find up too much trouble, just give yourself a music navigation, the results do half the time suddenly had an idea anyway, I love the song is the first hundred, why not every song is a different style page? The result was the first version, and then through the beautification to the present version.

of course, the website is done, a GG is also a psychological comfort, also click OK, click on 2%-3% every day, every day is normal, now also has a 20$, the truth is of no trick, as long as there is enough, the first: we must select keywords. For example, music and music club of the price is not the same, I can usually to 0.5-0.7, second must be unified and website style, so I practice is each page of a new GG unit.

actually I focus on another piece of CJ, CJ and CB, I think this thing is good, really need your English pass, but also in foreign website mix for many years, can bring a certain income, but the income is considerable, and this is my purpose, because the momentum of development gives me greater confidence, as long as the exact location, web content as well, will be able to retain users, and a bit more important in fact there is no longer the intuitive user experience, but the user psychological experience, I do this station is very obvious to you a message, every day I do the page is not the same, but every day I insisted to put the best songs, determined to make high quality website, this is the most important, to the current on-line a month, has exceeded IP 2000, PV is very pleased to reach about 5, so here I sincerely advise you one: if you really want to make a station, it completes the station, the content in the station, the only reason is that you have to do all the conditions of station, why to do garbage station of hard


of course I stand now also find some partners, put their advertising products, slowly replaced by GG, then the music value-added products following up, such a high quality of the station is done, and I am a person doing, I say this not show me how how, in fact my water products are generally, every day I just repeat some simple things, and this is deep.

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