I contact website construction also has several years of occupation, although not to do, but continued to do a hundred. When I started college, I became interested in computers when I was in the middle of the world, and then gradually became more involved in Web design. From basic frontpage to later Dreamweaver, FLASH, FIREWORKS. Step by step to come over, can not say that he learned very well, but basically have enough.

web design began, of course, from a simple personal homepage, see their web design, now looks very naive, very naive page, but at that time a great sense of achievement. Overnight, do not eat, a page, a page to do, and then feel bad, and then deleted, re done. This time and again, I feel very happy. Gradually from the excessive to do enterprise website, some network company sales staff themselves to live, do it yourself, do not give their company. Give me a few hundred dollars this way, he sure takes the big head. At that time there was nothing. I felt a few hundred dollars already.

later dedicated to the Internet company to do web site, their own technology is also constantly improving, what database, ASP, PHP basic can. However, as the number of stations to increase, a customer, a web site, customers constantly picky, modified. Their temper is not good, I feel I am not doing the design, but doing coolies. I think a better design of the page, the customer should he what 3 stream of vision modification?. I can’t stand it.

for a long time is not happy, and later vowed not to do site work for customers. See some friends in the operation of the site, their web site, whether it is garbage or industry sites, their things to do is happy, today want to modify, and tomorrow want to delete all can. After my friend’s suggestion, I have been working on a local website these days. Although my friend has done it before, I believe there is still a future ahead of us. I’m from Nantong, so it’s definitely a good place to be here. After the template changes, content updates, the framework of the station is basically up. Nantong wedding etiquette network -www.ntmarry.net has not yet begun to promote, but also in some functions of the increase and modify the debugging phase.

station to do the final, I have been very tired, and should find a home, specifically to do a long-term, long-term development. After the station has done so many, my only feeling is to do the station is not technical activities, but coolies.

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