recently the use of spare time to do local portal station – Shiyan life network (, the first time since the operation of the local portal site, so start on the Internet to find a lot about the local portal website operation methods and strategies, see a lot of personal Adsense operation place portal method and operation strategy, development the prospect of person to local portal site operators and local portals have little insights brought to share.

with Dangdang, Youku, Mcglaughlin have been listed, PPLIVE financing $250 million, six financing $one hundred million, Qihoo 360 in the United States, more than the stock of the Sohu, the major portals have investment and venture capital group purchase and so on, making the Internet capital operation has reached the climax after the 2008 economic crisis, the Internet market has no shortage of funds missing is to let investors see the prospects and future projects.

local portal site to meet the VCs on the prospects and future needs, but want to get VCs favor is not so simple, as personal webmaster how to operate a local portal site


, first of all, is regional choice. The key to the success of a website is the user. If the place is too small and the popularity of the local Internet is low, then the website operation will lose a trick in the beginning. Even if you can do all the industry well, the site will not be too high and easy to saturation, profit growth is extremely limited space.

does local gateway, can let the website have infinite growth space, and can let venture capital be willing to invest, the best choice is provincial capital city. Hangzhou, Ningbo and so on the city’s local gateway, you can do hundreds of billions of dollars a year income. Shanghai is China’s first metropolis, an international metropolis, the world’s financial, trade and shipping center in the future. The headquarters of the world’s top 500 companies and the world’s leading companies, and even the Asia Pacific headquarters, are comparable to other cities in china. Shanghai generates perhaps 10 times, 20 times as much as the cities.

is seeing a lot of personal Adsense operation place portal ideas and methods, have a lot of experience in local portal SEO and promotion, personally feel that the operation of a local portal website, the website itself is certainly very important, SEO do good to get more users to search, but as a local portal, let users remember your site and use, enhance the user experience and user viscosity is the most important, starting from the user’s point of view, starting from the root of the web site. Therefore, the local portal operators need to pay attention to the following points:


website positioning of local portal site is usually a local life service belongs to own characteristic nature of the site for the local city Internet users, web content to the local city public interest projects, like local classified information, group purchase discount, catering and leisure etc. there are a large number of users; a good local portal site is equipped with Forum >

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