for most personal Adsense, in which a small part of the traffic can do very big, you can earn advertising fees, you can also sell big. But more than most sites, if there is not enough traffic to earn advertising fees. So you should think about it this way:

online way to make money can not escape the three categories: selling services, selling products, investment. And most people will be engaged in selling products or selling services. If you want your website to make money, you have to think about what you want to sell and what products you want to sell. For you, the website is just a platform or tool for you to do marketing. Of course, the ability is to directly put their products and services and web integration. If you want to make money, you don’t necessarily sell any products or services,


think about the people or industries you know, see what they need on the Internet, then develop the software, or use the website to provide the relevant services, and then you can meet them. Products can be software, source code, e-books, CDs, virtual products, traditional products, and so on.

services can be design, technology, consulting, training, promotion, VIP permissions, virtual currencies, and so on.

do products and services, do not blindly imitate, must choose their own familiar small areas, their favorite to do. This way, you can do it very well. When planning your product or service, you can think about the following ideas:

1, to help customers make money

2, to help customers save money

3, save time for customers

4, bringing convenience to customers,

5, to bring customers happy, simply rely on a website to make money, more and more difficult, but the use of Web sites to sell products or services, more and more easy.

don’t involve yourself in the web, jump out of the web and use the web and the Internet as a tool. You’ll see more opportunities to make money.

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