completed the first step in the website is to find a space upload up, very simple things, let me on the Internet north and south looking for a time, but also changed several times the seller, after 5 spring, summer, autumn and winter. Safety, stability, speed, hazards of the job site, cheap thousand road.

I have been in and out of the web since I was 04 years old. I have also taught myself film editing and flash game development. Eventually returned to the site up, shut yourself in your room and "development" of a local studio information network, a fast to more than 200 bought fast network space, second days carrying a parcel began Street propaganda, the results as can be imagined. After I died, I made a local station again. The last time I found it was slower and too small. Said nets, I spent two days in the investigation of the network agent again, finally found a Shandong, 300 yuan 300M and domain name space. It is the main general speed, the website is not profitable, so determined to put the cost lowered, then also met a fellow local friends, in a transaction after free to give me a virtual host, a local server is fast, along with our website PHP, does not support the space once again, at the beginning of each in the search site and webmaster website to find than to.

there are more IDC providers in the south, and they are all looking for price wars. The performance is similar. The service is different and the second hand operators are not visible at all. I finally found a provider in Nanjing, in the trial space to achieve my ideal standard, after its sale, the station did not have time to open the tube, the line speed, less traffic, but found no security risks. A year later, determined to make his agent, take things cheap, and space problems followed. First at 12 midnight, there are more than 10 minutes can not open, QQ is not online, no one answered the phone. During the day, such a problem, the phone service attitude is very tough, said, "we are all normal here", but my website for a few computers can not be found. Later, with the regular change of IP. Now incredibly two days can not open, say to change machine room, two days cannot open. How can we find a suitable website for such a webmaster?.

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