operation in most people’s eyes, the operation is dirty, dirty work, mental work, tedious, it is easy to fall into the situation of no clue. In fact, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you just have to run good stuff and go with a bright blind outfit".

said the operation tool, many people put together a lot of tools, big cousin think, do not need new media operation, each of the tools to learn, just need to pick a few smoothly, the most complete, most can improve the efficiency of the tool is good, fine.

today recommends a few more practical, more simplified workflow into the class operation tool, let you spike other primary operations, advanced, high power grid operations.

rabbit show


function: H5 free production (H5 show &, game)

official website: http://s.www.rabbitpre.com/

rabbit show is a free H5 graphic creative production platform, but also the first to achieve PSD, a key to the H5 function and access to large data services platform. Rabbit show has massive template material, you do not need to understand any programming technology, simply replace the text, animation and other elements, you can make exquisite personalized H5 pages and H5 games.

recommend reason

leading H5 free production platform, simple operation; 2, the first PSD a key into the H5 function, to allow the designer to accelerate to stop; 3, the title of intelligent optimization function, the title of the Party of the gospel; 4, powerful data analysis function, back tracking pageviews, forwarding quantity of works, the promotion effect is clearly visible; 5. Used to do brand display, invitations, product introduction, enterprise recruitment, H5 interactive games, holiday cards etc..

form master


functions: form design and data collection

official website: http://s.www.jsform.com/


form is a professional master of online data collection, management and analysis tools, through easy drag and drop, can produce a variety of professional management and permission form; let each data under control; report analysis function for the user to provide powerful decision according to the. At the same time, the form master’s application scenarios are rich, such as online orders, customer relationship management, satisfaction surveys, invoicing, OA, registration…… You can do it with form master.

recommend reason

1, quick start, flexible operation, low use threshold. 2, you can use it without paying. 3, a wide range of applications, almost can replace office4, humanization, function, reminding and association…… As many as

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