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but many entrepreneurs ignore that. They don’t know exactly what the product is, but just ask the team to keep up with what they like. This will cause the following problems:


in other words, when an entrepreneur is an employee, he is responsible for the boss; he knows he has to be responsible for the product until he becomes a boss. We have to insist on the product is useful. If you understand this, do you understand more about the job of the boss?

secondly, there is a lack of a unified basis for discussion. For example: if you create a more suitable for northern winter use of the cup, we can put forward the views of each one airs his own views. But if you think about what kind of thermos cup the boss would like, I’m afraid there’s no creativity when there’s no noise.

many people have a wrong understanding of entrepreneurship. They only saw the power of the boss and ignored the responsibilities of the boss. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, those powers must be used to take responsibility for the product.

1, why do you want your product to be your boss?

The following

if someone messed up anything, I’ll tell him face to face. Honesty is my duty. I know what I’m talking about, and the fact always proves that I’m right……. We are so honest with each other that anyone can tell me that they think I am

the product as a boss, means that our own identity has become the issue orders left and right, Herald: Yes, do you say, but you are in for the product to speak to their personal preferences aside.

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finally, the overall efficiency becomes low. The product as a boss, the whole team is starting from the beginning of the heart, the product went straight to the destination, because the goal is clear, the path that everyone can put forward some suggestions for improvement, make the products become better; if all listen to the boss, so we do product must first obey the old board will persuade the boss to do product then, the problem is not to find out who is responsible because the boss approved, the overall efficiency of communication will be substantially reduced.

actually, we didn’t realize this when we were working, that is, the boss was always responsible for the product. When the boss criticizes your design, the tone deviation, the procedure is too complex, lacks the ductility, the sale method is wrong, is not the boss likes to criticize you arbitrarily, but is speaking for the product.

first of all, the concept of products will become increasingly blurred. People don’t know what the product should look like, and instead try to figure out what the boss likes. This deviates from the initial mind: all decisions about the product are made by the boss, which adds to the boss’s burden though it also shows power and makes professionals useless.

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this, Jobs gave us the best example. In the biography of Jobs, he said, "

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