· bidding code added new slide show function 07.08.01

now, the Internet, big data is a charm, the heart back. For the products and consumers, in the resurrection.

if you have any questions, please contact the union customer service staff.

is now trying to put a bigger chunk of the slide ad, and I guess the bigger the piece is, the more likely it will be noticed.

with ALI after the two major electricity supplier platform, Jingdong and Suning also pushed the "Jingdong unwilling to remain out of the limelight, 6· 18 electricity supplier Festival, Suning launched" 8· 18 "business day, you Changba me play.

alliance’s bidding code has a new slide show feature, which allows you to display more customer information on your website page. The function is located in: Union background > access to bidding code > custom style effects, welcome to the webmaster to select the background of the union.

in fact, the introduction of each electricity supplier Festival, is also an electronic business platform adult ceremony, to declare the platform’s appeal to the outside world, but also show muscle.


backtracking, industrialization emphasizes the "economies of scale" and regards "consumers" as a group. In this sense, industrialization is a kind of "Disenchantment", with production instead of creation, with standard instead of spirituality, people flooded with material.


consumers are becoming like "demons", just the age of running back

2007 August 1st,

we often say that consumers are god. So, entrepreneurs as consumers, this time really almost omniscient and omnipotent, as "god". Pigs face the most demanding consumers in history – they want lower prices, better quality, better service.

today big event, service industry Unicorn pig eight nets launched their electricity Festival, August 8th free day".

and physical electricity supplier Festival is different, pig eight quit is the service electricity supplier festival. "Pig eight quit" online users, mostly small and micro enterprises, can also be said to be "on the road" entrepreneurs.


"double eleven" was launched in 2009, when the Tmall also called Taobao mall, in the "singles day" do promotional activities, the initial heart is to build a Taobao mall festival. Then unexpectedly hot, the annual consumption data of double eleven "boom has become the focus of attention of the whole people, it also opens the electricity supplier Festival made frenzy.

I tried to throw, the effect seems to be better than ordinary advertising, maybe advertising block there flashing ah, attention to the high probability, huh, huh?.

Ps: looking for the league’s announcement at the time, as follows:

Sogou alliance

‘s so-called "devil customers" lie in their cognitive structure. Entrepreneurs are different from the general "chop hands", they do business, the cost, pricing, service, quality and other business factors have a profound understanding. They choose service providers, goods than three, in every possible way, the money must be used in the blade.

Sogou this feature is a default to shut down the function, you need to set up to open, you can choose 2 screen or 3 screen. If you choose the 3 screen, and use the largest form of code 4 ads, there are 12 ads can take turns, but also in a variety of patterns flash, very interesting.

in recent years, the rapid expansion of the pig eight nets, but also to get together in the electricity supplier section, issued his own voice. "Pig eight quit nets" has been a 5 million Chinese and foreign employers, 1000 service providers, the market share of more than 80% of the hundreds of millions of service crowdsourcing platform. And pig eight quit net CEO Zhu Mingyue also claimed that the company set up ten years, the first profit. Ten years of potential energy, once released, pig eight nets came.

respected Union website, Hello!

just saw a news that sh419 had a slide version of the code, I have been doing Sogou Sogou alliance, alliance in 7 at the end of the beginning of August have this function.

and entrepreneurs are legendary devil customers.

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