first_imgI tweeted to soon… this is my favorite *sips tea* moment of this episode. #Riverdale— Riverdale Writers Room (@RiverdaleWriter) February 28, 2019Yes, Hiram’s out of the hospital and he’s raring to get back to business. Unfortunately, his stash of fizzle rocks has mysteriously disappeared. Hermione’s told him she needed to dump it because the feds were getting too close, but he doesn’t buy it. He becomes increasingly suspicious when he learns that not only is FP Jones the new sheriff, Gladys Jones has returned to Riverdale. It feels a lot like she’s trying to take over the town, and someone in Hiram’s family has to help her. He mostly suspects his wife, but he makes sure to vaguely threaten his daughter too. Just in case. Love these heartwarming family moments.For her part, Veronica just wants her family to get out of organized crime. A noble goal, if I’ve ever heard one. She asks her dad to go legit. By which she means run his private prison for real. Nothing shady about the for-profit prison industry at all! It only raises his suspicions more when, after asking for a meeting with Gladys, she suggests the same thing. He decides to go along with the “legit” plan anyway, as long as Gladys can guarantee Sheriff FP Jones will arrest enough criminals to keep his prison full. God, Riverdale is getting depressingly too real here. I want my RPG-based serial murderers back. Hiram continues to suspect his family though, and makes cryptic comments about how Hermione won’t be a help or hindrance. That freaks Veronica out enough that, when Hiram call Hermione on a mysteriously large donation to the governor’s campaign, she admits to everything. Hiram says Veronica owes him $75,000, which she accepts. It’s a fair price for her mother’s life, and OH MY GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS FAMILY? It’s been a long two weeks with no Riverdale. I know I call this show trash all the time, but I need this trash in my life. There are plenty of teen dramas out there, but how many of them have one of the main characters’ mob boss father shaking his own kid down for money? How many of them have a massive gang/cult/drug war brewing over a game of Dungeons & Dragons that’s taken over the town? None of them. That’s why we need Riverdale in our lives. This show is beautiful garbage and I love it.close dialogclose dialogComing back after a brief hiatus, the show is taking its time to build back up again. We last left off with a reset to what must pass for normal in this town. Things are just starting to escalate in this episode. We’re likely in the last 10 episodes of the season, so it’s time to set up the stories that will carry us through to the end. The show is starting fairly slowly (for Riverdale, anyway), and that’s a good thing for now. You don’t want to throw us right back in the deep end. Going full Riverdale right away would be overstimulating. You need to build back up to it. Start small with things like attempted cult murder and family drug smuggling businesses. Excuse me… Gladys lets Jellybean drink coffee??? #Riverdale— Riverdale Writers Room (@RiverdaleWriter) February 28, 2019Gladys Jones is totally taking over the town, by the way. All parts of it. FP is so happy to have his daughter back in his house, he’s going along with pretty much anything. Including allowing his son to recruit the Ghoulies back into the Serpents. That doesn’t work out, though. Turns out most of the Ghoulies have joined the Gargoyles, getting way into G&G. That scares Jughead off, but his mom recruits them into the Serpents anyway. He may be starting to suspect his mom’s presence here isn’t entirely on the up and up. I fear that by the time he wises up, it’ll be too late to do anything about it.Over in Archie’s corner (literally), he’s gotten way into boxing now. Most kids would be traumatized by being forced into a teen fight club over an elaborate tabletop RPG quest. Archie just has a taste for the ring now. Tom Keller’s been training him, but Archie’s desperate to have a real match. Keller says he’s not ready, but Archie wants to jump the gun. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a sleazy promoter looking for someone to fight his champ. It wouldn’t be a Riverdale boxing gym without some level of corruption. Archie can have the fight and $5,000 as long as he takes a fall. He agrees, thinking it’ll at least get his name out there. He totally buys the whole “paying your dues” speech. It’s nice to see that, even with all Archie’s been through, he’s still exceptionally dumb.Ashleigh Murray as Josie (Photo Credit: Shane Harvey/The CW)Fortunately, he’s dating Josie now, who has no qualms telling him how blindingly stupid he’s being. I wish her story wasn’t only here to fix Archie’s mistakes, but at least she has one now, I guess. If it gets us more of Ashleigh Murray singing, I won’t complain too much. They are super cute together anyway. After pointing out that he basically sold himself for $5,000, Archie tries to back out. The promoter won’t let him. If he doesn’t fight, the booker will send all the angry, dangerous bettors after him. And if Archie tries to win the fight, the champ will kill him in the ring. Archie comes crawling back to Tom Keller, who agrees to train Archie again, since the alternative is watching him die. Archie learns to evade as well as give and take punches. During the match, he’s able to hang in there for the full fight, tiring out his opponent. He doesn’t score the knockout, though and the judges give the match to the champion. I’m guessing the promoter bought the judges, because everyone (meaning Keller and Josie) agrees that Archie won.The fight itself was exciting, especially with Josie’s haunting performance building the tension. I always like it when Riverdale cuts between two separate stories reaching their climax, and this was no exception. At the While Archie was trying to not die in a boxing match, Betty was trying to save her mom from possibly dying in a cult initiation. Alice tells Betty at the beginning of the episode that Edgar said she’s ready to be baptized. Betty becomes suspicious of the process when Alice has to sign a waiver exonerating the Farm should any injury or death occur. Betty tracks down someone who escaped the Farm and learns what the baptism entails. They hold a person underwater until they almost drown to death. They believe being that close to death causes them to ascend. Betty picks up on that word too. This is starting to sound like some G&G stuff. That’s an intriguing wrinkle to the season’s big mystery.Madchen Amick as Alice Cooper (Photo Credit: Shane Harvey/The CW)No time to worry about that now though. Betty runs to save her mom, and arrives just as she stops moving under the water. Betty performs TV CPR on Alice, saving her life. Unfortunately, Alice’s near death experience isn’t enough to convince her that she’s in a dangerous cult. She’s more devoted than ever. Now, she’s going to sell the house and force Betty to live on the Farm with her. In a season full of creepy gargoyles, murders and suicides, this might be the scariest story going. Cults freak me out like nothing else, and I desperately want to see how Betty deals with this new development. I hope we get a lot more of this story next week.Riverdale airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CWPreviously on Riverdale:Riverdale Season 3 Episode 12 RecapRiverdale Season 3 Episode 11 RecapRiverdale Season 3 Episode 10 Recap SDCC 2019: ‘Riverdale’ Cast Spills Details on Core ‘Mystery’ for Season 4Top Movies and TV Panels to Keep on Your Radar for SDCC 2019 Stay on targetlast_img

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