7  PR alliance an old alliance, 04 years began to make their alliance, the alliance have been more timely, good reputation, has sh419, as many other well-known advertisers, the disadvantage is the relatively long period of payment, monthly commission.

secondly, he found that the market with the same technology as he needed was very few to exploit and apply practical talents. If it were not for a partner, he would almost have to start with nothing but luck.

first of all, he did not expect the time of loitering in the country will be so long, at this time, with the increasing confidence in the project, his troubles are increasing.

8 other Is


at that time, he was prepared to advance the market, whether it is the market atmosphere, enterprise competition or customer cultivation found at a very early, the lack of any direct reference to the customer’s own spontaneous opportunity, some scattered demand, potential competitors are not even think of can form products packaged sales, when the government’s policy is a blank. This state of affairs poses a great challenge to him.

6  the eight metacarpal union full 100 yuan payment, movie station, station music picture station advertising, channel disadvantage is unstable, the day to day low data.

, a technology tycoon in Beijing, has a very rich resume. He graduated from Qinghua University, a master’s degree from a university in the United States, and a Ph. D. from a university in europe. Then, respectively, in an American Internet platform company and a well-known European enterprises, candidates are the core technical jobs. It has been pleasant, but after seven or eight years of doing so. One year to return home to visit relatives, domestic innovation, entrepreneurial infection, and suddenly had a very good idea, and gradually formed a prototype of the project. So he decided to wait for the opportunity for business.

5  satisfaction League is also a veteran League, the manager is a female enterprise owner, the league management is good, the reputation is also very good, there are clicks, pop, divided into various advertisers. The only drawback is the monthly payment, payment period.

4   expo-plast alliance a good old alliance, made more than a year they felt more real data, week settlement, pop and click, click entertainment relatively low price point, advertising industry can reach 50 yuan 1000IP, domestic relatively good union.

3   the first video advertising alliance, although very webmaster to the first video site exists criticism and dissatisfaction, and some webmaster do. Do they like the alliance movie picture game station and so on site must pay attention to good words, if the website appeared sexy pictures and other content, they may be a violation of the provisions of the current to you deduct your commission. So, choose the first video, usually must go to your registered mailbox, check whether they send you the rectification notice of a class of mail.

, first of all, get someone else’s money. He did it. Through a detailed data, the content is unique, fresh >

for some time, he tried to adapt to the development of the surrounding environment, continue to go out, and then there are people coming to him. Until one time, one point have pointed out his the crux of the problem, and then told him: "the highest level of Entrepreneurship: to get other people’s money, and their own industry, earn all the money in the world, with round the dream tomorrow."

, he was shocked.


holding on or giving up the transition,

is sometimes more painful than the physical test, in which he has been nearly collapsed for a few times.

?The mind and soul of the

with the passage of time, the blue ocean market set of matching conditions, especially on the downstream industry chain has not yet formed, the perception of users is very low, virtually highlights the development costs are too high, the longer, the greater the risk, the pressure has increased sharply.

lack of money, the market is not familiar, how to do?

again, that’s the question of money.

2  ideal advertisement of the mom of small owners, very basic sites are doing, whether it is the monthly advertising or click on ads, the price is good, but there is one point to note is the web page and try not to put the Ali Mama advertising, many owners put their ads after the website will be sh419 drop right.

alliance David day alliance, some of the old alliance nine wins advertising alliances alliance is also very famous, try webmaster can selectively do.

so many years of concern about entrepreneurship, one of them has a word that I remember. Get the money of others, create your own business, and earn the money all over the world.

                            ad: www.yanqingcn.cn  the last station "

before the challenge, without breaking into opportunities, he worries every day how far he can go on the road to entrepreneurship.

1  shlf1314 AdSense personal website advertising first choice, but the webmaster must not play petty tricks, cheat temptation, click on what, GG anti cheating ability is very powerful. In addition, the movie station, picture station, novel station, many friends said can not put, according to my experience, you can put, but the unit price is very low, low to what extent, 0.01 cents.

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