1 uses the batch hang tool – NoOpen or Teny, with these 2 batch hang , set to have camera, so in the chat room ranking will be up front.

3 is a woman of all genders, aged 21, with an elegant name or formal real name.

, many people spent a lot of money developing software for hanging chat rooms, and a software could capture all chat rooms in a day

answer: yes.

spent one or two minutes recalling the user name and password, and successfully login to the home page. But with the first impression of happy net is very uncomfortable after being apart a long time: page floating on the small ads like the navigation bar and dogskin plaster, a line of sh419 search: a resource recommendation, laser hair removal and so on.

two days later to see Cheng Binghao, see his phone written farewell letter, "goodbye, happy network and happy people", as a happy network users, or touched. That night, I logged into the happy network again after a long time.

uses a chat room to exchange traffic for SP business

4 data, you can bring the URL, fill in when it is very skilled. For example, "the woman station: www.meimeisex.cn, later, chat room upgrade, more strict supervision, so the cancellation of the information in the URL, but you can write some people Fuxiang content, and then induce others and as a friend, the use of hanging Q software is set URL in the automatic reply, also need certain content skill.

in today’s advanced science and technology, the popularity of computer society, more and more people see the business opportunities from here, they chose to pay some creative thinking from the computer, so as to earn more more benefits. This is at present popular on the network "wangzhuan".

ok. Whether happy or Cheng Binghao, comma or full stop, is there anyone who cares about the latest story of the already forgotten website? I just looked at it in July 8th.

? ! "

I asked, "isn’t it Cheng Binghao?"

that night, a former employee of happy net forwarded an article in his circle of friends: "remember that" stealing food "started happy net? This time it sold to listed company, and said:"

– signature

so far, Cheng Binghao founded in early 2008 happy network, after eight years of ups and downs story, was zoned a "-" is my full stop, but not happy network full stop." Cheng Binghao says.

, in fact, the latest trends in happy nets in July 8th has been disclosed, but it comes from a humble listed company announcement, few people pay attention to. That announcement shows: Beijing happy people, Mdt InfoTech Ltd is dismantling the VIE structure, the introduction of new controlling shareholder, Zhou Bin will become the actual controller after the completion of the company restructuring.

"the biggest pain in life is not that I lost, but that I almost won."."

how did Kaixin become like this?

For example,

I ask: why is the part of

"I’m sorry to hear that.". This is the company where I invest my feelings, responsibilities and energy. I’ve been through all kinds of troubles together. Eventually part. Even today, I dare not recall those three years. Like a dream. Love hurts, hurts. To the youth that we shall die……"

goes to sign up for a movie League. Someone might ask, "is there anyone else still doing this?" I can tell you, some people do, and some people do more than 1000 yuan a day, of course, people are skilled, they mostly spend money to buy traffic. Do a sex page, like www.meimeisex.cn the 5944 free space, it is a waste of space, space is hung up the Trojan horse, when you go to the best open a shadow system, it is the site of insurance get a few film alliance, registered by hand machine. Then start

July 20th in Beijing, a day of heavy rain. More than 1 noon, Zhongguancun street small video, a fitness instructor made a heavy rain in the circle of friends with the text: it is also a fitness, I must reward him 100 push ups.

answer: later, everyone is not happy, everyone has a grievance. But there is no specific reason, so this is the most uncomfortable.

at this time, Cheng Binghao has been bombed by telephone and WeChat, from friends, former Sina colleagues, former happy network staff, as well as media reporters about the visit.

2 uses members to display the red word, which is more conspicuous and even more advanced.

has a lot of understand, but now with Wangzhuan fortune, I tell you how I earn 300 yuan a day.

hanging chat room is not new, but there are still a few people who really master the key technology, which is very consistent with the market rules. What is the key? Always the details. On the network, the flow of the highest chat room than the chat room. In addition, is the largest instant messaging tool in China and the largest online dating center in china. So, in 2006, you could easily get more than 1000IP traffic as long as you used 10 login chat rooms. Understand the day to earn 500 yuan project, have adopted this method, maintain daily flow of more than 1100IP. The details of this phase are:

During the

hangs chat room.

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