first_img Bizarre Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua Is Not an Alien SpacecraftReebok Releases 40th Anniversary ‘Alien’ Stomper Sneaker Stay on target UPDATE: April 26 is here, and there’s a short prologue to Alien: Covenant available for us to watch and dissect. Hey, remember Prometheus? Specifically, the ending where Dr. Shaw and the android David escaped on one of the Engineers ships to head back to their home planet. If you’ve spent the last few years wondering just what became of them, this short is for you. If you haven’t, well watch it anyway. With Alien: Covenant on its way, it’s probably a good idea to know what’s been going on. Though it will probably stand on its own as a new Alien movie, the release of this short indicates that it won’t completely ignore Ridley Scott’s last entry in the sci-fi horror series.If you need a brief recap of Prometheus, the basic gist is that Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) led a crew in search of the origins of human DNA. There, they found an arm-breaking snake creature, and a black goo that that David slipped into Shaw’s husband’s drink. She was then unwittingly impregnated with a gigantic facehugger and ripped it out with an automated operating table. The crew found the Last Engineer, the last of the race of beings that created humanity. The Engineer immediately started killing the humans, and eventually got impregnated by Shaw’s Trilobite baby and an alien tore its way out of the Engineer’s stomach. Shaw deduced that the Engineers created the alien-making goo to rid the universe of the humans they’d created. She brought the torn-up Fass-bot David on the ship and flew off in search of the Engineers’ home world.Prometheus definitely had its flaws, but it wasn’t completely terrible. One thing that could be important is that the way the alien burst out of the Engineer in Prometheus is similar to the way the do it in Covenant. It’s not precisely the same. The Neomorphs in Covenant have spines on their backs that poke through the victim. The Deacon, as the alien at the end of Prometheus is known, cuts through the Engineer’s corpse with the sharp extension on the back of its head. We’re still not entire clear on what the evolutionary chart of the xenomorphs looks like, but it’s possible that Covenant‘s neomorphs are close relatives of the Deacon.This short picks up right after the end of Prometheus, and shows Shaw patching David up, before going into stasis for the rest of the journey. That’s also a pretty great-looking shot of the Engineers’ home world right at the end. We’ll have to wait until May 19 to see exactly how Shaw and David connect with the crew of the Covenant, or even if they do at all. But since this short is being called a prologue to the upcoming movie, perhaps it’s worth revisiting Prometheus sometime between now and May 19.Original story continues below.Ridley Scott’s new movie in the Alien franchise, Alien: Covenant is out on May 19. From what little we’ve seen, it’s looking like a good, proper scary Alien movie. The premiere is still a ways off, so to build excitement in the meantime, Fox is holding an Alien Day event. Alien Day takes place on April 26, taken from LV-426, the name of the moon where the Nostromo crew first encountered the Xenomorphs. This will be the second year Fox has held the event.What can we expect from this year’s Alien Day? Probably the most exciting part will be a live-streamed Q&A with the cast of the upcoming movie. Since Alien: Covenant will only be a couple of weeks away from release, we can probably expect them to be a little more forthcoming with the details when they talk about their characters. Mostly, I just want to learn more about those new Aliens with the spikes on their back. Somehow, this movie has already managed to make the original chestburster seem like not such a bad way to go.We’ll also get to see some behind-the-scenes footage from the making of Alien: Covenant, which should be cool. This is a Ridley Scott production, so I’m hoping there will be plenty of practical effects on display. Seeing that stuff come together is always more interesting than watching someone animate a monster on a computer. The event will be streamed live on the movie’s social media channels as well as at The site will also host rotating quizzes throughout the day, giving fans a chance to win, among other prizes, a trip to Hollywood to see Ridley Scott’s imprint ceremony at the Chinese Theatre.Finally, the night of April 26 will see screenings of Scott’s previous two Alien entries at RPX Regal Cinemas across the country. Fans will be treated to a double feature of 1979’s Alien, the first and still best movie in the series, and 2012’s Prometheus, which was also a movie. O.K., Prometheus wasn’t all bad. It had a good cast and some well-executed moments of horror. That surgery machine scene still gives me chills to this day. The movie just had some issues. Like the story, the dialogue and the characters. I still don’t think it’s the worst Alien movie, but it’s much closer to Alien: Resurrection than it is to Alien. Still, it’s probably worth a re-watch ahead of the new movie. Plus, the chance to see the original Alien on the big screen is worth the price of admission alone.Ahead of the announcement, Fox released three new TV spots that are all pretty terrifying. The first, titled “Run” introduces us to the crew, their mission and a facehugger.The second, “Pray,” gives us a good look at the new Alien, as well as an idea of what happens when it catches you.And finally, “Hide” gives us a good look at the Neomorph from an angle you definitely wouldn’t want to see in real life.Even after Prometheus turned out the way it did, those images are enough to instill hope that Alien: Covenant can get the series back to its roots. It’s horrific, body-mutilating roots.last_img

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