first_imgBoot to Gecko didn’t have quite the same ring as Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Mozilla agrees, apparently, as they’ve announced that B2G will launch as Firefox OS — a name that will resonate with the hundreds of millions of Firefox faithful all around the globe when it launches early next year.The first phones will be manufactured by TCL and ZTE, and Brazilians will be among the first to be able to purchase Firefox OS hardware. Back in February, the project got a major boost from two wireless giants: Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom. Today, Mozilla announced that several more big names have signed on. Among them are Sprint, Telecom Italia, Smart (Phillipines), Telenor (Scandinavia), and Etisalat (Middle East). Perhaps more impressive than the fact that these carriers have signed on with Mozilla is that they’re all committed to ensuring that Firefox OS remains “fully open,” likely a subtle jab at Android.In their announcement, Mozilla notes that Firefox OS is optimized for entry-level smartphones — a segment that continues to boom as long-time featurephone users finally begin to make the move to more future-proof devices.It’s also worth noting that the additional web APIs Mozilla needed to develop to enable some bits of smartphone functionality — like placing phone calls and sending SMS and MMS messages — have all been submitted to the W3C so that they can be on the group’s ever-growing list of standards. That, of course, opens the door for all kinds of new possibilities for web apps no matter which platform they’re run on — from a Windows desktop to an iPhone or Nexus 7.With Sprint’s name on the list of carriers pledging support, you may be crossing your fingers that Firefox OS devices will be on their way to the U.S. next year. While that’s certainly a possibility, neither Sprint nor Mozilla has made an official announcement yet. There’s no question that Mozilla would love to see that happen, but emerging markets will be the first in line.More at Mozillalast_img

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