first_imgWhile there’s plenty we now know about the ultra-secret Microsoft Surface tablets, there’s still some key information that hasn’t been revealed yet. We don’t know how many cores the ARM and Intel processors will feature or how fast they are. We don’t know exactly when they’ll be arriving on store shelves. And we don’t know how much they’re going to cost.Not specifically, anyway. Microsoft did say that the Surface tablets will be priced to be comparable to other ARM tablets and Ultrabooks. DigiTimes’ sources in the manufacturing chain, however, have told them that the Tegra 3 model with Windows RT will retail for more than $599. That wouldn’t quite count as “comparable.”The 32GB Asus Transformer TF300 sells for about $399, as does the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. While the 32GB Wi-Fi only iPad sells for $599, it’s packing a much more costly Retina display and not a fairly standard 1366 x 768 unit. While a keyboard and Office RT are nice additions, they may not be enough to get consumers to drop big-time cash on a third screen at a premium price.  If Microsoft is serious about competing — and they are — then they’ll stay below $600.The Windows Surface Pro will come in around $799. That seems reasonable enough for an Intel-powered tablet PC right now, and it’s in line with 2nd-generation Ultrabook prices. But considering that Ultrabook prices are sliding and Microsoft is a late arrival to the tablet battle, that price might be a little on the high side as well.These are only guesses, and Microsoft managed to keep the Surface tablet project a complete secret for more than three years. While Windows 8 leaked into the wild from its very early stages, we heard nothing about Surface until the week leading up to the reveal. It’s clear that they want to compete, and based on their most successful hardware venture so far — the Xbox — they may be willing to be aggressive on price in order to attract shoppers’ attentions come launch day.More at DigiTimeslast_img

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