first_imgHTC Sense 4.0 isn’t ready for public consumption yet (that’s v3 above), but there’s a good chance the company will show it off in its full glory at MWC2012 in the coming weeks. It looks like some select individuals have already had the chance to play with the new mobile UX, however, and there seems to be plenty to like about it.One of the biggest (and most interesting) additions to Sense 4.0 is its guest mode, which is designed to limit functionality when you pass your handset to an acquaintance. Maybe they want to flip through your tunes, or perhaps it’s a certain YouTube video they’d like to pull up for you? Whatever the case may be, you’ll be able to flip on guest mode and disable phone features and prevent access to your personal data. At last, a hassle-free way to keep prying eyes away from your mirror pose photos!Dropbox integration is another huge addition, with Sense 4.0 adding access to a 50GB account. It’s even treated like local storage by Sense, and when you share a file stored in your Dropbox with someone it’ll send them a Dropbox sharing link — which saves you the time and potential cost of actually uploading a file via your data connection. The 50GB Dropbox account (which normally runs $10 per month) is created during the first run process in Sense 4.0, though it hasn’t been mentioned if it’s a free-for-life deal or just a trial period to get you hooked.HTC has also refined its email client, and PocketNow claims that it might just be the “best looking and most functional” mail app available on Android. It has taken some hints from iOS, with HTC dropping checkboxes as a selection method and replacing them with Apple-style radio buttons. There’s also a new push email feature called Smart Sync that saves power by learning how you use your phone and slowing down mail checks during times when you don’t normally check your phone — say, while you’re asleep.Other additions to HTC’s trademark UX include access to its phones’ Beats Audio tech in all apps (not just the default Music app any more), facial recognition chops in the camera app that prevent catching subjects while they’re blinking, and a 3D card-style task switching interface.All in all, things seem to be shaping up nicely for Sense 4.0. The company’s software will no doubt play a huge role in turning around those grim Q4 financials, but a spate of awesome new handsets won’t hurt, either.More at PocketNowlast_img

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