first_imgI had him on my bench! WE ARE HEADING into another weekend, which for many people means one thing.Football.The season has well and truly started, which is great for people who love the game. For those who don’t, it’s a nightmare.Here are 8 of the worst things about football season for people who aren’t into football.The hours and hours of actual footballThere is just so much of it.  So very much of it.  For months and months on end.The sound of itThe roar of the crowd might be atmospheric for those watching the match, but for the rest of us it’s just noise.Horrible, pervasive noise.The agonising over imaginary teamsWhatever about the real matches, the fantasy football stuff can be particularly hard to take.Every week you watch people you know to be intelligent beings agonise over who they’ll choose for an imaginary team in an imaginary league without even an imaginary prize for the winner.They moan and groan at the results of matches which mean nothing simply because one of the players on their imaginary team didn’t get them any points for the imaginary league.It’s a curse.The lengthy discussion of said imaginary teamsAside from the actual construction of the fantasy football team, there is the fantasy football chat.It’s NEVER ENDING.Who’s your captain? I only took him out last week!WHO CARES?Match of the DayAfter the hours and hours of actual matches, there is of course the television programme which includes highlights of said matches.Match of the Day 2Oh, and the other one.The appsThe advent of smartphones and football apps (here’s looking at you means an update on the matches is never far away.Managed to get your football loving friend away from the actual game on telly? Well done!  But expect them to check their phone every 20 minutes (at least).The never ending conversationThis is probably the worst part.  Obviously, all of the above is an irritant, but you want your friends and loved ones to be happy, and if that’s what makes them happy, so be it.However, the constant conversation can not be forgiven.  How many of us have found ourselves suddenly in the middle of a football chat because some members of the conversation group have decided that’s what they want to talk about despite the fact that several people can’t get involved?  It’s just rude.As for the poor men among us who aren’t into football?  They spend their lives fending off football chat as the first port of call for conversation with a stranger.What say you?  Do you recognise these experiences?  Are you a football fan who does not indulge in the above behaviours? Tell us in the comments.Should ‘The Ballad of Lidl and Aldi’ be the new Irish national anthem?>The story of Arthur’s Day, in tweets>last_img

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