← Previous Story IMPORTANT POINTS FOR TOP 16: Wisla wins in Porto! Next Story → FIRST SEASON DEFEAT FOR POLISH TEAM: Fantastic KIF Kolding beat Kielce! Beach handball Until the summer of 2013, in the sports world Columbia was known as the county of great football players, Asprilla, Valderrama and Falcao, some boxer, and speaking globally, famous for its everlasting story of the king of narcotics, Pablo Escobar, who brought fame to a Latin American country, the third biggest one, after Brazil and Mexico . A possible milestone in the sports history of a country with 47 million people, on the shores of the Caribbean sea, but a huge step forward for handball, was organizing the World Games in the second largest city, Cali, where our sport experienced a great expansion. To avoid any confusion, this is about beach handball, which has , in the sports festival of all the sports that could be listed in the future in the official programme of the Olympic games, showed its potentials and reached dimensions, unknown till then. (Read the full text on www.handball-exclusive.com)

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