Rabat – Yassir is yet another app designed to facilitate public transport in busy, major Moroccan cities.“It is an easy to use app, which will allow users to safely move from one point to another,” the director of Yassir, Rachid Moulay El Rhazi, told the official Moroccan news outlet Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).On June 30, Yassir and the Democratic Transport Syndicate (SDT) signed an agreement in Casablanca. The new agreement allows taxi drivers to use the app, in accordance with transport laws applicable to the Casablanca-Settat region. “This agreement has been signed in the interest of defending the socio-economic rights of professional drivers, to ensure they benefit financially and socially from Yassir,” the vice-secretary of the SDT Samir Faraby stated.Read also: Moroccan Taxi Ordering App ‘Roby’ Disrupts the Ride-Share IndustryNew apps have been disrupting Morocco’s taxi industry. Yassir competes with a number of taxi ordering apps already on the market including Heetch and Roby.“Heetch” was launched in Casablanca in 2018 and operates in Rabat and Marrakech. Another taxi ordering app Roby Taxi has been operating for three months in Marrakech and, since February, in Casablanca.Uber-like ride-sharing app Careem also operates in Morocco. Bought in March by Uber for approximately MAD 30 billion ($3.1 billion). According to the company’s estimates, Careem had 300,000 users in Morocco in 2018The taxi industry has to respond quickly to the changing transport market. In July last year the SDT signed an agreement with Careem, allowing taxi drivers to also use the app, which was originally only intended for private drivers.

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