Fez – Only 55 street radars out of Morocco’s 150 are in good condition and able to detect speed and track traffic violations. 80 radars are in the process of being repaired or connected, while 15 are unsuitable to work.Minister of Transportation and Equipment Aziz Rabbah revealed these statistics in an interview with Moroccan daily Akhbar Alyoum in its Thursday issue.According to the Minister, these radars are often “exposed to defects as a result of a number of accidents and sabotage.” In this regard, the Ministry has allocated MAD 4 million to repair the non-functional radars. To strengthen the system of traffic monitoring and surveillance, Rabbah noted that the Ministry presented a public procurement notice to receive proposals from companies that sell, operate, and maintain radars to buy 200 new ones. The Minister adds that these radars “will be ready to operate in mid 2015.”The Ministry will introduce a new monitoring plan in which 175 controllers will be available to conduct abrupt technical monitoring missions. In addition to controlling drivers’ abilities and the extent to which drivers respect the road laws, the Ministry also intends to intensify inspection operations of technical surveillance centers for vehicles.For reasons of transparency, Rabbah revealed the Ministry’s plan to to regulate drivers’ licenses centers by installing cameras in all circuits of practical exams “to monitor all recorded flaws.”Traffic accident statistics for 2013 show that the number of fatalities reached 3,705, a 8.63 percent decline compared to 2012.

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