look at the optimization means of A5:

from the A5 website, I can only guess is. Optimization and application of breadcrumb navigation, the chain application related reading the content of the page, and the auxiliary chain construction. Not because of the internal staff, so we can only guess at first will have these optimization methods.


shows the A5 site’s domain name by the beginning of 2006, has been in the webmaster site, never change. This operation is our webmaster must adhere to the spirit of learning. But now from the perspective of the optimization, A5’s previous work done very enough. This can be from their set of keywords, site selection of domain name and title expression can be seen.

followed by a look at A5 site positioning:

Finally, we look at

A5 station network has now became the webmaster network brand represents website. Yet we all know that behind the success are hard work. Let’s take a look at the history of A5 domain name:

"professional services to the owners and website information platform to provide services as webmaster and site. Provide comprehensive webmaster information, transaction intermediary services, webmaster tools, website source software download service." Clear the masses of users, and the positioning of the site. I think the positioning of a website clearly, it determines the prospect of its development. And have a clear positioning, know the way how to go to the next step is to know how to do, and then make a plan to implement. So I think the website wants to develop a good, clear positioning.


when the webmaster friends see this statistic is not very envious, every website has injected fresh original content to help others. But the professional audit, to ensure the quality of the article. In this case, we can only say that A5 the hard work of the fruits is very large. So we try through the research on the A5 site, its success can be replicated, as a webmaster we should dare to try. This article from the original is reproduced in 贵族宝贝jieyitonggo贵族宝贝, be sure to indicate the source.

now A5 content development:

to see the optimization methods of A5 from now, it is hard to see what was optimized. After all, A5 site can by virtue of its brand effect and automatic optimization. But at least we can also see that the initial A5 site optimization and some clues to guess some techniques.

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