some sites in order to avoid being on the page external links take weight, so to appear on the page of the external links for nofollow settings, so this link is no weight transfer effect, if not linkbait role (such as Search ask), then you should stop the release of the chain. Let them go to play single site management, such as NetEase, business space blog.

whether you are in the construction of the chain website or exchange Links, you will inevitably encounter a problem, that is the nofollow tag, Nofollow don’t track, is a HTML tag value is to tell a specific search engine spider do not track on the page.

so you don’t tell the spider smooth link tracking. You don’t want to lose weight to one of the external links, but also have to appear in the content of the link, then you can use this way to shield.


page has 5 external links, then the weight of each link outside of 1/5, and you’re in an external link which add nofollow tags, the spider crawling is not this a link, then the weights of 4 external links remaining get the same or 1/5 page as the weight will be distributed to the 5 chain.

2, Nofollow tag is the exchange Links must examine the factors of

is a normal A tag as follows:

3, Nofollow tag is only to prevent weight output, and can not avoid weight loss, but can guide the spider crawling

we all know, for Links not to get so little traffic from the other side of the site, but in order to improve the site weight effect, some owners will Links in part with nofollow tags, resulting in the Links lost its original meaning, this kind of behavior is to fraud, of course some webmaster in exchange with you Links no nofollow label, until the nofollow tag was added for a period of time secretly, to avoid the net good check again past this station requires you from time to time and change their own Links, in this case must be immediately removed a link to each other.

example, nofollow tags written in my blog, for example:

For example, when your



now I add nofollow tags, as follows:

The next


1, Nofollow tags limit spider crawling links, the chain is added to the nofollow tag without weight transfer function

and share with you what it is:

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