The colorful music festival concert in Nanshan District

Xining in July, compared with the field of hot slightly cool, but in July, Xining is not a lack of passion, vitality. July 26th, sponsored by the people’s Government of the city, the city of science and Technology Tourism Bureau hosted the 2014 colorful music festival, will play in the South Park this summer, the strongest scale. By then, China will be a number of well-known bands for the love of music, love life, love the people of Xining summer, visitors to send a feast of music.

Today the 600 planting pits have been dug

The morning of April 13th, West District Xining city volunteers association, the Communist Youth League of Xining City West District, West District Agriculture Bureau, West District Environmental Protection Bureau and the common development in Nanchuan River voluntary tree planting activities. The registration work ended in April 12th 18, the Nanchuan River on the west side (fun Road) 600 pits have been dug, waiting for applicants to plant trees. For Qilian spruce and juniper trees.It is reported that

, a lot of people will take the old man and child in the family together to participate in the tree planting activity, therefore, in the process of planting trees, please follow the arrangement of staff and technical staff guidance, and take good care of the elderly and children around, to Caution. West District Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry dispatched seven staff to maintain the order of the scene.

this tree planting activities required by the West District Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry. In order to ensure the survival rate of the west area of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau staff pre sent to measure land, excavation pits. When planting trees, technical personnel on-site guidance, the latter will be responsible for the management and maintenance. (author: Zhang Pu) read more

Xining out of the Silk Road Ambassador champion

"race to win, I would like to thank my teacher Li Guilan, she has been a good counseling, I have a lot of help to participate in the game." Said Pang Jingru excitedly. October 25th, the first selection of the life of the first round of the Silk Road in the national championship in the final selection of the image of the Silk Road, Pang Jingru from Xining, from the top 50 players in the tight encirclement, won the title.

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Xining vehicle section three in place to ensure Shuyun passenger service quality

summer began, Xining depot continued to strengthen passenger renovation, improve passenger vehicle quality, ensure that the library within the production organization in place, transfer to the bus full of bus service quality in place, put in place, and strive to achieve during the summer, the passenger vehicle quality safe and comfortable work target.

According to the characteristics of

during this year Shuyun Tibet tourism traffic, meeting activities, college students flow concentration, the Qinghai Tibet railway company to arrange to open the K9811/2, T265/6 three groups of body in Xining West to Lhasa ferry. According to the new section of the ferry car body station folding train technical inspection time is short, the train can not enter the sewer and other outstanding issues, advance arrangements to strengthen the scene stare control, the full implementation of the security card control measures. Make a backup bus renovation, implementation process of strict supervision on the standby bus, do early prediction, fault fault information processing scheme, first to determine the fault treatment timely and thorough, ensure the backup bus is on standby at any time. Do the train Linke, add a vehicle and other preparatory work in advance, to ensure the passenger train 100% punctual departure, with 100% passenger bus line, using the library quality standard 100%. read more

The establishment of the world free combat altitude training base

18 March

9, 2016 World Kickboxing Association (WKF) Chinese international altitude training base member awarding ceremony held in our city, our province has officially become the World Kickboxing Association training base China District International plateau.

World Kickboxing Federation China District chairman Yan Dinan said that the World Kickboxing Federation was founded in 1963 in the United States, through the history and development of more than half a century of development, has become a global Kickboxing organization. At present, the World Federation of free combat has set up branches in 126 countries and regions of the world’s five continents and widely carry out events in the sports circle, "small Olympic Games," said. The World Kickboxing Association Chinese district was established in November 15, 2015, as of December 31, 2015 there are more than 100, as a member of the club to join the school.

site, Qinghai Province, said the head of the fight sports association, the Qinghai Provincial Sports Association and the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau approved the establishment of the Civil Affairs Department of the province in December 2015 in. Since its inception, has been successfully held the world fighting the best fighting tournament, "Kunlun" and "Silk Road hero" brand new fight two major international wrestling events, attracted 15 provinces and cities nationwide more than 300 athletes, created the five northwestern provinces of the wrestling tournament. Especially in recent years, the support and leadership of the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, Qinghai Province Boxing Association and Qinghai aochen Sports Culture Development Co. Ltd. have jointly organized a number of international competitions, enhance the awareness of national fitness, enrich people’s sports life. In the future, we will continue to integrate regional resources, highlight regional culture, and create an international brand with plateau characteristics. read more

Xining Local Taxation Bureau 5 measures significant effect

2012, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Local Taxation Bureau around the work objectives and ideas, increase the comprehensive evaluation of the target responsibility. In the implementation of specific assessment, strengthen the "five strengthening": to strengthen the supervision of the department assessment efforts, improve the organization’s management ability; strengthen the supervision of the department work, improve work efficiency and management level; strengthen the tracking and management innovation project key work; strengthen the work discipline, improve the style of work and work efficiency; strengthen the working mechanism and management responsibility, to ensure that the work carried out smoothly.

more than five measures significantly, as of July 31, 2012, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau Inspection Bureau of investigation and the local tax totaled 54 million 337 thousand and 100 yuan, an increase of 31% over last year. (author: Ji Zhi)

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Xining city ndustrial and Commercial Bureau mall rental counter special rectification action Chuzha

At the beginning of August to the beginning of September this year, Xining City Administration for Industry and Commerce for one month rental counter special rectification actions carried out in the provincial capital, the city’s shopping malls, supermarkets, rental counter business unlicensed behavior has been curbed.

remediation action, the Xining Municipal Industrial and commercial system to make full use of the grid regulatory model, focusing on the city’s various types of rental counters operating subjects made a thorough investigation. By the 950 operators of 57 shopping malls, supermarkets door-to-door mobilization, the 471 households eligible for shopping malls and supermarkets rental counter operators for a business license, registration 260 rental counter business households, banned 6 unlicensed car rental counter, the unlicensed rental counter business as well as joint venture and cooperation the contract in the form of leasing business has been preliminary standard counter. (author: Cui Zhenlin) read more

Witness five years wonderful pen the total economy doubled the overall strength of the stairs

wonderful pen

for five years, the province’s GDP increased by 1.2 times, the average annual growth rate of 12.9%; the public finance income doubled 1.5 times, the average annual growth rate of 23.7%; the total money has doubled to 1.9 times, the average annual growth of 30.2%; investment in fixed assets increased by 2 times, the average annual growth of 30.5%. Rapid economic growth, the construction of new Qinghai laid a solid material foundation, providing a strong support. — from "government work report"

witness five years

five years since 2008, the domestic and international economy is complex and changeable, the most difficult for the past five years. Facing the challenge of the global financial crisis, the European debt crisis, in the face of great disaster caused by the earthquake in Yushu, the provincial government calmly, decisive decision-making, on the one hand, conscientiously implement the central series of steady growth, structural adjustment policies and measures, on the other hand, the introduction of supporting the industrial development of the "ten initiatives" and support Small and micro businesses development 60 measures, organize thousands of cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment, efforts to overcome the difficulties and problems in economic operation, in five years the province’s economy steady and rapid economic growth and healthy development, to maintain two digit, this five years has become the fastest growing economy in Qinghai and the best of times. read more

Thousands of investigation and evidence collection for the work to provide evidence of strong eviden

In recent years, with the rapid development of our economy, especially the laborer inductrial injury accident occurrence of migrant workers is increasing year by year, work-related injury cases also accounted for a large proportion in the whole labor dispute cases, work-related injuries that are directly related to the vital interests of workers and enterprises

in recent years, with the rapid development of our economy, especially the laborer inductrial injury accident occurrence of migrant workers is increasing year by year, work-related injury cases also accounted for a large proportion in the whole labor dispute cases, work-related injuries that are directly related to the vital interests of workers and enterprises. For complex industrial injury and personal identification of the case, the investigation has been difficult to obtain evidence. Therefore, investigation and evidence collection has become an important part in the process of industrial injury identification.

in order to further implement the State Council revised the "byelaw of inductrial injury insurance, inductrial injury (death) to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers, human resources and Social Security Bureau adhere to the injury (death) of workers from the reality, pay attention to administration according to law. As of recently, human resources and Social Security Bureau accepted a declaration of personal injury death case, because the employer refused to acknowledge the existence of labor relations and workers killed and relevant facts are not clear and the arrangement of the Bureau staff medical injuries from June 26, 2011 to July 1st traveled thousands of miles away Yushu Zaduo (accident place) to carry out accident investigation and evidence collection work. The staff to overcome the high altitude, rugged terrain, bad environment, in-depth accident scene photos, record, and take the initiative to communicate with the local government and relevant departments, herdsmen coordination, injury (death) that has first-hand information, and earnestly safeguard the work injury (death) the legitimate rights and interests of workers. read more

Xining built 76 people’s deputies home

November 9th, to understand I follow the Xining Municipal People’s Congress of Xining City People’s Congress exchange house ", Xining city has built 76 National People’s Congress House", as the representative of the masses, the masses of the people to provide a platform, a heart bridge between the masses and the representative of the frame.

it is understood that from the Municipal People’s Congress asked the city to set up "National People’s Congress House since the party committees at all levels attach great importance to the active form, as of now, the city has built 76 National People’s Congress house". The establishment of the "National People’s Congress House" for the previous session represent things difficult, lack of contact on behalf of the masses is difficult, for the delegates to provide an understanding of public opinion, the people gather platform and study exchange positions, delegates through the study of the party and the state policies and laws and regulations as well as the work of the NPC business knowledge the performance of their duties, exchange of experience in National People’s Congress of the people’s Congress, the legal level and continuously improve the ability to perform their duties, strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission. At the same time, to listen to the voters directly represent the opinions and suggestions, timely grasp of public opinion, timely reflect the voice of the masses, the Standing Committee of the NPC’s supervision and supervision, the supervision of the masses organically, expand the channels of supervision, supervision and supervision of rich content, so that the work can be extended and deepened. read more