Those things in the growth of Shanghai dragon rookie

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two, adhere to the

is unremittingly do anything to do more spirit, Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon is a long-term project, not only effective immediately, continue to enjoy the kind of sense of achievement. Secondly, the need for a mild mindset to compression, ranking up and down, correctly treat the ranking changes, constantly sum up experience to be amended, out of adversity. Each outstanding Shanghai dragon will have its own unique summed up a set of optimization scheme.

, a multi

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website content to update the original The original

accidentally entered the Shanghai dragon industry for nearly half a year, the half year experience from full-time soy sauce to complete the optimization task to your Dudangyimian took over under the guidance of new sites in the fields. It is not only full of sad more joy slowly and then make learning summary scores. Perhaps as Laoniao said, Shanghai dragon that simple, hard to say. Rookie should keep up with the pace of innovation, based on accumulated experience in the fields, in order to Shanghai dragon industry further more easily. Here, to talk about what to do for the rookie Shanghai Dragon View: read more

You share a tiger Shanghai dragon with twelve signs to write essays on method


do the webmaster all know that every day we have to update the article, but also is the original, if not the original and is likely to discuss Shanghai uncle love love. What method can get the original article unlimited? Today you tiger CEO (Huang Wanyou) to come and discuss with you the webmaster twelve signs to write the original article:

to write the original article with twelve sign, in fact it is unlimited by the twelve constellations name to write. Such as the title: "Libra Capricorn Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo" content is: "there are twelve constellations of the zodiac sign of scorpio. Virgo Libra Aquarius Leo Virgo Capricorn Aries Libra, Capricorn Sagittarius Gemini Virgo (===> about < = Scorpio). I’m Aquarius, I ask you what sign? "Then in the article with keywords and links to achieve Shanghai Longfeng effect. Although the title and content are basically the same, but this is in line with the love of Shanghai included habit. Because the content to include the title keywords, so we also have the contents of the article include title keywords. read more

Every day to do these four aspects to do your site

third is an hour a day out of the routine inspection, Links will be checked again every day, I remember last Friday, is the two day, just because there is no friend to check.

actually wanted to write this article, but because of his laziness, always shirk, so there has been no writing, the purpose of writing this article, one is to spur their own, on the other hand, hope you learn a lesson, to the site to do better.

is actually a lot of things are very simple, just want our brains, so a few things, but I believe that a large part of the webmaster, Shanghai dragon, may make this common problem, a day to send the chain, made a lot of good, anyway. It should be helpful for the website, but do not want to use your head, to analyze the chain, in the end of the us much help to the website no good. I sometimes make similar problems, do not want to go back to see yesterday to do things, because to check will waste a lot of energy, but then slowly to form a habit, the analysis as part of daily work. read more

BlueFate the chain site 301 redirect the old and new domain name transfer

registration time: 2010.8.23 date: 2012.8.23


domain name: (following B instead of

before the domain name have a single page for 2 months, did the chain more than 3000 (reference YAHOO chain), then stop parsing, when re enabled love Shanghai Google have delete snapshots.


old domain name: www.vxage贵族宝贝 (following A instead of

time: 2011.05.17 expiration time: 2013.05.17

general webmaster know: a website or domain name and bind multiple domain names have to do a 310 redirect. Because the 301 redirect the old domain name can be passed to the new domain name, weight pr. Some time ago I also encountered this situation when setting up a blog, so the process of recording and simple data, two methods "before also wrote an article on the PHP 301 redirect article" WordPress simple 301 redirect, while writing is WordPress, in fact as long as it is basically PHP suitable, I hope useful for everyone.


2011.05.20 start time, end time: 2011.06.30, which lasted one and a half read more

Nantong Shanghai Dragon Shanghai dragon learner what needs to be done every day

Shanghai Longfeng learners first thing: Shanghai dragon learning website content every day to update the original article:

Shanghai dragon learning task

Shanghai Longfeng learners third things: check the website of the Links

if you have Links website, need to check every day, now the site changes too fast, some stations start time is also good, but the station is also not stable people, go to work, or to push the new station, or sell, and then change the fate of the website. It is easy to appear right down, do not update.

every day

search engines love new things, to solve user problems and demand information and content. But in addition to write original articles, is updated every day, the update of the original articles are to be able to address the needs of users, to provide users with valuable information, do not update the original, love Shanghai as ignoring you. To increase the number of? According to how much your site content, the total amount of about 2%-5%, for example, you use the Z-BLOG, a total of 100 articles, that every day you add a 2, 3 can be, if it is to do with CMS station, content a thousand articles, that day 2, 30. This is a rule, love Shanghai spiders will be very favour your good habits. Regularly update the best steady. Insist on doing every day, the search engine will continue to pay attention to you. read more

Love for Shanghai refused to point outside the chain of tools of personal views

I know for a lot of grassroots webmaster, most of us are relying on the sea love to eat, Shanghai will love every act and every move affects our nerve, since last year, love Shanghai several major algorithm updates, love does not seem to settle down in Shanghai. Last month, Shanghai launched the green love algorithms to combat the link trading behavior, many owners have been affected, but to love the stars know, some large sites were not affected by the love of Shanghai, Scindapsus are some of the algorithm affects the small and medium-sized site, I have these grassroots webmaster and a helpless was used as cannon fodder. Scindapsus algorithm storm is not calm, love in March 1st Shanghai has launched to the inner side of the outer chain tool, which makes a lot of stationmaster trembled, don’t love Shanghai and continue to the next move of the

two, how many webmaster will use to

Since ? outside the chain of tools?

love Shanghai has been constantly adjusting algorithm started sending us a message, love Shanghai more and more attention to the content of the site quality, will be through continuous adjustment rectification algorithm in some cheating on the Internet, so the Internet to enhance the user experience of the website. Now we are talking more owners outside the chain of high quality and high quality original content, the phenomenon of cheating in several kinds of love in Shanghai for the Internet in common were hit, to prevent spam problem. So in this issue have said many, here is not to say love the stars. read more

Chen Zhengjie over the past two years Shanghai Longfeng optimization phenomenon in depth analysis

1. quick

main site

(2) with a large number of Shanghai Longfeng beginners, they charge very low or even no charge, Shanghai Longfeng personnel for many years engaged in regular practices to optimize the site for a meal, so using the technique of cheating to well-known website optimization, this can not only reduce the effort also quickly shorten ranking time, also just in accordance with the special requirements for a month in the website main effect. The Shanghai dragon forum also appeared a lot of advertisement: "free optimization, few days". Why dare to promise the few days? Because these years engaged in Shanghai Longfeng staff knows better than those of Shanghai Longfeng beginners what is called the "cheat". Look at the love of Shanghai was founded, with thought-provoking words: love Shanghai more understand Chinese! When the Shanghai dragon personnel use the means of cheating to help the main site the site of the rankings do go up, over time or a few days the main site site is K, the main site not only money website no, but also a waste of valuable time and the development of the main site site time. read more

2014 the most cattle Entrepreneurs light plastic Li Danni empty bottle billion yuan venture capita

looked that several domestic advertising alliance, we can call the small station can see hope and trust that sh419, GG, Ali. But as the saying goes, diandaqike, for our small owners, the choice of what kind of a union to earn our living expenses that actually? The alliance is more suitable for our small station? I will analysis. Help you make the right choice:


Chinese "brand micro business" first presented by Jingdong, the first derivative of the congregation to raise record holder, 3 hours to raise project funds 3 million 280 thousand yuan slimming fruit drink – "light plastic", once again let the supporters moved: the core agent in just 9 days on the successful recruitment quota this is not just the marketing! The technical level, but has been related to products, culture, and team structure. It seems that with a "empty bottle" to get billions of yuan to buy light plastic, just a few years ago won the "China’s first micro business brand" crown of light plastic, really determined to open a "micro quotient brand era"! read more

Discussion on tourism website optimization Shanghai Dragon


in the golden holiday is coming soon, visits to various kinds of tourism website after the holidays and then will enter a climax period. In recent years, China’s tourism industry and the constant development of the Internet technology continues to mature, tourist attractions and all relevant departments through the construction of tourism website, attracting more tourists to visit. But it is very distinctive, tourism sites are not throughout the year, 365 days will have high traffic, this period is divided into the off-season and the season, as well as a variety of golden holidays. So to do a good job in tourism website is not easy, so the tourism website how to optimize Shanghai dragon, in the tourist season, at the top of the rankings; or when the tourist season can also have access to stable development, a certain amount of? Then I will optimize the development from Shanghai dragon with several colleagues on the share of tourism website.

Dujuhuiyan identify keywords, long tail optimization characteristics to create read more

An editor needs to know what Shanghai Longfeng knowledge

knowledge? A Other

editor can master three has almost reached the standard, the content is not a lot, I believe many of my friends have new editor, editor of your company whether all know these three points is very important? Your editor or as the editor you are not doing this at three. >?

third, the article is original, you need to tell him the link is what meaning, tell him what you can do Sitelinks, explain too much at this point is not, with the front of the search engine ranking principle is simple to explain (you must say after the vote, the same as the link station again) they should link is still relatively easy to accept. The spread in the industry very long "around a word" can clearly explain to them.

first, you need to edit according to the situation, tell some simple ranking principle, at least let him know love Shanghai rankings are related, not blind row. What all don’t know when I first came here novice editor. After you tell them this point they had naturally interested in listening to you to speak. read more